I’d like to report a crime…


this man has a face like sunshine and a torso like hellfire

this is poetry


Ive been laughing at this for five god damn minutes

I tried to go past it

but kept going back

it is just that god damn funny omg


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One last trip down memory lane for tonight (can you tell I am digging through old files?), this time from January of 2007. This is a personal favorite and it came about in a funny way. They told us we could make some “creator t-shirts” with whatever art we wanted on them and they would sell a limited run on the network website. So I made this. And they said, “Yeah, not that one.” The calligraphy, by S.L. Lee, PhD., is from the Blue Spirit’s wanted poster.


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Two scientists walk into a bar

The first says “I’ll have some H2O.”

The second says “I’ll have some H2O, too.”

Both of them receive water because the bartender is not irresponsible enough to serve concentrated hydrogen peroxide as a drink.



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Some Basic French Expressions





Did a bunch of dogs breakup a fight between two cats? Am I seeing this right??

“Ay man, y’all chill the fuck out. Y’all fucking up the party.”

Pack animals like dogs don’t tolerate dissent in their group because it weakens the pack’s social structure… There are similar clips on youtube of them breaking up rabbit and rooster fights… They don’t care what species you are, they just want you to CUT THAT SHIT OUT.

They don’t differentiate species because dogs think everything else is just a weird dog. 

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#my life in 5 words, 14 letters, and one bracketed action

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The amount of questions Bastille asks in thier songs really stresses me out

are you gonna age with grace? do you like the person you’ve become? can you fill the silence? how am i gonna be an optimist? how am i gonna get myself home?

like idk dan you figure it out

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That’s right. It’s simple. No matter how challenging the volley, there’s only one reason we chase the ball. There’s only one reason we continue fighting. Because we haven’t lost yet!



#i used to beg you to listen to me but my words didn’t ever reach you #only your back and thighs and torso #never your face because we never looked at each other eye to eye #i was always on my knees #hunched over on the floor gasping for air cool the burst of warm pain spreading despite protective gear #and isn’t it strange now that i’m standing in front of a different pitcher #different from you in a thousand different ways #we face each other #but still not eye to eye #when i talk my lips shape words and my breath carries meaning #and somewhere between his ears and brain something is lost #and his lips shape words haltingly and syllabyles die in his throat and i am so angry #hope gives into a despairing feeling #different from how despite despair i had hoped two years ago #how frustrating this is #has it always been this difficult connecting to pitchers?